Market Research Report: B2B Leaders Reveal CRM Challenges

Ironpaper's survey of 358 B2B leaders explores the use of CRMs across sectors and why it's vital to sustainable business growth.  

Without a shared CRM in place, B2B companies can't truly understand the effects of their marketing efforts or work to improve them over time. This ebook explores how a CRM enables:

Higher sales win rates

A better understanding of leads' interests

Marketing and sales alignment

What type of CRM-driven data leads to long-term growth 




27% of B2B leaders don't know which digital marketing techniques are working, and without a CRM in place, it's impossible to truly understand the effects of your marketing efforts.



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68% of marketers said they use legacy systems instead of a modern CRM.

(Ironpaper, 2022)

A longer purchasing process is leaving B2B companies struggling to stay connected to buyers.

A CRM allows marketers to track individual leads through the entire buyer's journey and take a data-backed approach to improve lead generation and conversions.


This survey uncovered key challenges B2B leaders face using CRM systems.

B2B organizations are struggling to adapt to a post-digital transformation world.  Ironpaper's survey of 358 B2B decision-makers shows that this group struggles integrating modern technology into marketing and sales teams. 


Ironpaper surveyed 358 individuals with business decision-making capabilities at B2B or B2B and B2C companies. 

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