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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies


A guide that outlines opportunities, challenges, and best practices for IoT solution providers in the B2B space.

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.” 

For businesses that harness this revolution first, they can reap the first-mover advantage in their respective markets. This radical shift brings vast new opportunities — if companies can overcome never-before-seen challenges for their buyers, build trust, and craft an educational sales pipeline.

This eBook explores major strategies for IoT companies to:

  • Define value proposition for IoT buyers. Projects are costly, so buyers wonder: Why invest?

  • Overcome the education curve. In the emerging IoT space, stakeholders have varying familiarity with IoT systems, impacts, and risks.

  • Create touch points for a long sales cycle. Across B2B industries, the sales cycle has grown 22% longer.

  • Reaching multiple decision makers. Most B2B IoT projects have multiple decision-makers who influence the buying process.

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